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a blog; dream space, our bedrooms, a place to survive, a place to  be with.

we are a collective of artists/human beings/people, trying to make sense of the world around us.


we exist in this place/blog/pity party to be with one another. 

we lead with love + compassion, and make a ton of mistakes.

we lead with desire + pleasure as a means of eradicating the shame society places on us. 

we intend to share ourselves with each other wholly as an effort to hope others do the same. 

we intend to be there for each other as friends/lovers/idols, all able to revel in our own incredible light. 

we hope to change things + make space for things to be said.

this is a safe place to be wrong/question/confront/be joyous/critical/at peace. 



caro, ada, mik, chey, kiara, kara, teagan, and tash. 


check out my

this was my original junior sem research that ultimately led me to my thesis

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